Review: 68th Annual Emmy Awards

[NOTE: This article was originally posted on Her Campus Emerson on September 26, 2016.]
It’s always bothered me that the Emmys aren’t considered the beginning of awards season. That honor goes to the Hollywood Film Awards, which occur towards the end of the year and aren’t even aired on TV for the public to see. Beside that, the Emmys kickstart an exciting few months followed by the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Critics Choice Awards, People’s Choice Awards and culminated by the Academy Awards. This is 100% why I stand by the fact that the Emmys are the beginning of awards season.

Like television, the Emmys are a constant. There’s never any scandal or drama—that aspect of Hollywood seems to overlook television (cue the obligatory joke that all of Hollywood overlooks television, AKA the basis of Seth Meyers’s monologue in 2014). There’s a diverse range of actors and shows nominated yearly, and history is made yearly with new nominees, winners and winning streaks. So yeah, the Emmys are a pretty important night in television. If you watch TV, you should watch the Emmys.

But, just in case you didn’t this year (shame on you!), here’s a recap of what did and did not work this year.

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Review: 88th Annual Academy Awards

[NOTE: This article was originally posted on Her Campus Emerson on March 8, 2016.]

If you caught it, last week I wrote a piece previewing this year’s Oscars ceremony. It mostly featured predictions of who would win the most important awards of the evening, including Best Actor, Actress and Picture. While these winners were a huge part of the ceremony, there is a lot to be said about how the entire night went. Here’s a quick look at this year’s Oscars.

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88th Oscars Preview and Predictions

[NOTE: This article was originally posted on Her Campus Emerson on February 28, 2016.]

As a self-proclaimed Oscar lover, I can say that I have been counting down to February 28, 2016 since February 22, 2015. The night is finally approaching and I know that millions of film lovers across the country and the world are looking forward to seeing who will get to take home the little gold man on Sunday night. They also have their biases and predictions, and now I’m here to share mine with you!

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